Playground Install a Success!

Over 100 Capital One volunteers, and more than 20 Pathfinder volunteers 5 or more neighbors, and one alumnus showed up on a very rainy day to get messy and build a playground. And boy did they!


Digging out the pad for the new bike racks.

11988227_10208013647963051_6483307206998631290_nMany, many different pieces of equipment were sorted, unwrapped, put in the right place and assembled.


Ann Marie helps secure a platform.


Chris Wells digs a post hole



Bill Reswig fills in a posthole.


Jackie uses her contractor skills to rebuild the benches.

The picnic tables were completely remade!

The mural was enlarged, thanks to the design of our middle school art teacher, Pamela Bigatel, and the painting by volunteers.11986595_10208013643242933_8394219443313003363_n

Lots of mulch was spread. Lots and lots of mulch.

Lunchroom tables were scrubbed.

Emergency water jugs were placed in each classroom. Thank you to Capital One for donating the water.


It was a lot of work, but so many hands made it a day of successes. We all went home wet, and happy with all we’d accomplished.


Jennifer and Jami help garden.


Pathfinder Playground: Success And Progress Update

What a summer! With a design selected, we have been hard at work to raise the funds to build our playground into a space that fully serves our students and greater community.

The braided stream was painted with a few dozen volunteers!

The braided stream was painted with a few dozen volunteers!

With volunteers and funding from Capitol One, we started rebuilding the playground with a paint party! This was an amazing work party day with over 130 people that included Pathfinder parents and staff. This generous volunteer day alone crossed out the line item of $500.00 worth of playground painting supplies, and the volunteer hours match was enormous.

The paint party also included a lovely mural designed by Pathfinder's own art teacher.

Capitol One provided enough volunteers to add the Pathfinder compass logo too!

Now, just to put some perspective on our fundraising efforts: A dream playground with everything we could want is estimated to cost around $392,000.00 – after exploring options and prioritizing areas of the playground to do in phases, we are aiming for a $250,000.00 playground in phase one.

This first phase will include the large and small play structure areas, two lovely benches built into a long, winding, climbable stone hill, known in glacial terms as an esker. It will also include a boulder trail, a boulder seating area, and a boulder and wood chip area. The north and south fences will also be pushed out to include some grass in the playground during phase 1.

The paint party also included a lovely mural designed by Pathfinder's own art teacher.

The paint party also included a lovely mural designed by Pathfinder’s own art teacher.

Our fundraising goal is $250k by March 2015 so that we can begin construction of phase 1 on the playground in summer 2015.  So far, we have raised $100k from City of Seattle Department of Neighborhoods Large Grant; we have been recommended for $75k from a King County grant (pending approval near Thanksgiving), and raised $8,000 from the 2012 auction.

Stay tuned for how you can help us reach our goal!