Playground Install a Success!

Over 100 Capital One volunteers, and more than 20 Pathfinder volunteers 5 or more neighbors, and one alumnus showed up on a very rainy day to get messy and build a playground. And boy did they!


Digging out the pad for the new bike racks.

11988227_10208013647963051_6483307206998631290_nMany, many different pieces of equipment were sorted, unwrapped, put in the right place and assembled.


Ann Marie helps secure a platform.


Chris Wells digs a post hole



Bill Reswig fills in a posthole.


Jackie uses her contractor skills to rebuild the benches.

The picnic tables were completely remade!

The mural was enlarged, thanks to the design of our middle school art teacher, Pamela Bigatel, and the painting by volunteers.11986595_10208013643242933_8394219443313003363_n

Lots of mulch was spread. Lots and lots of mulch.

Lunchroom tables were scrubbed.

Emergency water jugs were placed in each classroom. Thank you to Capital One for donating the water.


It was a lot of work, but so many hands made it a day of successes. We all went home wet, and happy with all we’d accomplished.


Jennifer and Jami help garden.


Meet Our Playground Designer!

We have chosen a design company that has the skills to translate our needs and dreams into reality, Johnson Southerland.

If you have played recently on the playgrounds at Seward Park, Salmon Bay, or Seattle Country Day School then you have experienced their designs. More examples of their work can be found at

Mark your calendars for our first community meeting on April 30th, 5:30-7pm at Pathfinder. Please come, and bring your kids. Your participation at this meeting counts not only toward shaping our playground design, but also toward volunteer hours required for our next grant application (the big one that will help us actually build it).

pathplay2Keep an eye out for Playground Volunteers collecting pledges — the time you commit to volunteer will help us get the Large Neighborhood Matching Grant. For example, if you can plan on attending each design meeting (3 x 2 hours), you could pledge 6 hours. We also need folks who can help us put up posters, make copies, help host our big meetings, and make sure every family at Pathfinder knows about the project.

Want to sign up now? Click here:

Save The Date:  April 30th, 5:30-7:00! And these dates for future playground meetings: May 20th, June 16th (there will be ice cream)!