Playground Install a Success!

Over 100 Capital One volunteers, and more than 20 Pathfinder volunteers 5 or more neighbors, and one alumnus showed up on a very rainy day to get messy and build a playground. And boy did they!


Digging out the pad for the new bike racks.

11988227_10208013647963051_6483307206998631290_nMany, many different pieces of equipment were sorted, unwrapped, put in the right place and assembled.


Ann Marie helps secure a platform.


Chris Wells digs a post hole



Bill Reswig fills in a posthole.


Jackie uses her contractor skills to rebuild the benches.

The picnic tables were completely remade!

The mural was enlarged, thanks to the design of our middle school art teacher, Pamela Bigatel, and the painting by volunteers.11986595_10208013643242933_8394219443313003363_n

Lots of mulch was spread. Lots and lots of mulch.

Lunchroom tables were scrubbed.

Emergency water jugs were placed in each classroom. Thank you to Capital One for donating the water.


It was a lot of work, but so many hands made it a day of successes. We all went home wet, and happy with all we’d accomplished.


Jennifer and Jami help garden.


Esker Nearing Completion

The stones on the esker have been placed! The grout is drying in the sun. The next steps are the tiling of the bench with donor recognition tiles, and the placing of the playground equipment.

Check out the dotted semicircles in the two photos below. They are the outlines of the new play spaces. Big, huh?

After all the equipment is placed, the rubberized surface will be poured around it.20150728_122017 20150728_122041

This is a closeup (through the fence) of the bench. Both of the vertical surfaces will be tiled. We’re also searching for another place to put the remaining donor appreciation tiles. 20150728_121936

July 6th Playground Update

The flagstone tile is going on nicely. I love the look of it! The two concave curves you see here in the “S” are the two new play equipment spaces.2015-07-06 19.59.27

Here’s where some of your tiles are going — right where the brown board is. We’re also working on another space for the glass donation recognition tiles. There are too many for this “tiny” bench! Thanks for all your gifts!2015-07-06 20.01.50  Below are two pictures of the fences being pushed out to include grass. IMG_20150627_211359 PK8Playground_HolliMargell-1

June 27th Construction Pictures

Here’s the esker before the flagstones are added. It is a nice, gradual shape that the kids can run over and lay on.

The two people on the right are looking at the bench that faces the larger play area.

To the left of the heavy equipment is a loosely piled sitting area. The orange netting you see in the middle is around the newly pushed out fence. In the foreground is a circle of stones that is the beginning of a planter for a tree. There will be one on both ends of the esker. TREES!IMG_20150627_211041

Here’s a closer look at the bench that will be facing the large play equipment. Boulders, Yay!IMG_20150627_211144

And MORE boulders. These are in the far northwest corner. Can you see the new fence line? It is bowed outwards. There will be grass at both ends of the playground!IMG_20150627_211342


IMG_20150630_204941Construction has begun on a new, more inclusive playground. Thank you to all that have helped make this happen.

The stages to put it all together:

  1. Construction footprint – our contractor is going to put in the big footprint – removing asphalt, securing the support for the Esker and move the fences. The contractor has started mobilization which includes such things as ordering supplies, selecting boulders and stone cladding materials with our Landscape Architect, and setting up temporary construction fence.  You should begin seeing construction in action starting now (week of June 22)!
  2. Play Equipment installation – The equipment selection is still being finalized and our order should be placed the week of June 22. The installation is dependent on the equipment company’s availability and coordinating Capital One volunteers to help install (this was part of their partnership and donation commitment.) As soon as we can get a date and invite our community to help, we will. We are hoping for last week in August.
  3. Surfacing – Rubber safety surfacing under the play equipment – This order is also in progress. Once we know the delivery timeframe for the play equipment, and its installation, the company can schedule a date for installation of the safety surfacing, since the surfacing installation happens after the equipment is installed. This will hopefully happen in early September, fingers crossed!

Then, there are final inspections, and after that we can open the playground! We’ll provide updates as each key stage is completed.

Thank you again for helping us build a playground the serves our community!

Update: Grant Awarded, Playground Paint Party!

The Pathfinder Playground Revamp was awarded the Seattle Department of Neighborhoods Matching Fund large grant! Thanks to the City of Seattle’s Department of Neighborhoods for helping us really get the ball rolling with our new design.

August Paint Party:

August 21st the playground is getting a little facelift in preparation for our new design. With a Capital One $4,000 grant for the school, we are having a work party to do projects all over the school–and the playground is one of them. That means we can get started painting the braided stream and adding new features like a labyrinth and accurate US map.

Are you ready to help us on August 21st? We need 6-8 folks ready to help lead the volunteers for the day, help organize supplies the day before, and a few creatives to help us make stencils to add some critter prints to the playground. Interested? Email – Thank You!

Here’s a peek at the new design! The school district is still working on the feasibility of the fence changes, but we expect that to be part of phase one. If fundraising needs are met, and the bids come in as expected, the equipment and surfacing of the blue areas will also be Phase 1.

Pathfinder Final Plan Labeled