Grand Opening, More Painting

The playground grand opening was wonderful. Many people were there. The playground was fun and full. Everyone ate ice cream. We cut a ribbon. It was awesome. Thank you so much for all the help. Each day I see the joy of play on kids’ faces. I see 20151001_093933kindergarteners learning to count to 30 as they wait in line to spin. They negotiate the time and change it. I see kids figuring out how to play together on the teeter totter. Besides the physics of it, they are deciding what is safe for them, how to play with others, how to direct others, how to listen to others, and 20151001_094712they are learning that they can leave when group fun is not fun anymore. It really is amazing. The old playground is still being used and loved, especially by the kindergarteners– which is perfect. They are finding what is fun and appropriate for them. They don’t have to be in a crowded place, or they can be if they choose to be. The rocks behind the new playground is a wonderful place for kids who want to be near action, but not in it.20151017_093923

This weekend four Pathfinder parents (Anne Marie, Jami, Toni & Chris) Gretchen Dedecker (self-help project coordinator at SPS) and a group of about 9 W.S.Kiwanis volunteers, painted the playground. A big thank you to Pathfinder’s instructional assistant Stephanie Brownfield, who volunteered and who gathered the Kiwanis volunteers for this project. We couldn’t have done it without you!20151017_094000

Our tetherball poles are now ready to host some 20151017_150633games, the bases on the large kickball square are brightly visible, some of the river has been refreshed, and our new clan animals are represented on the blacktop. Go see if you can find the Rabbits and the Kingfishers. Thank you so much Ann Marie for the beautiful stencils!


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