June 27th Construction Pictures

Here’s the esker before the flagstones are added. It is a nice, gradual shape that the kids can run over and lay on.

The two people on the right are looking at the bench that faces the larger play area.

To the left of the heavy equipment is a loosely piled sitting area. The orange netting you see in the middle is around the newly pushed out fence. In the foreground is a circle of stones that is the beginning of a planter for a tree. There will be one on both ends of the esker. TREES!IMG_20150627_211041

Here’s a closer look at the bench that will be facing the large play equipment. Boulders, Yay!IMG_20150627_211144

And MORE boulders. These are in the far northwest corner. Can you see the new fence line? It is bowed outwards. There will be grass at both ends of the playground!IMG_20150627_211342


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