Summer Plans

Thank You Community for helping us get grants, find business donors, and for emptying your pockets to make this happen! Fundraising is over! We have gone out to bid.  We have $210,000 to spend on Phase One of the playground revamp. Keep your fingers crossed that we may find a low bid from a reliable contractor. Building should start early this summer and *should be* ready for play by next fall.

Here’s what we will see change with $210,000, Phase One:

– Grass on the north and south of the existing playground, with the fence on the south moved closer so the kids need less supervision at that end.

-Two additional play-spaces, covered in a solid rubber surface. One with large, full-body play equipment. One with spinners and rockers. More bars. A long gentle s-shaped mound about 2.5ft tall covered in flat stones, winding between the two new play areas. Two built-in benches. A scattered pile of seat sized boulders in rough amphitheater shape.

– Two trees on the playground, and four trees right beside the fence.

We’ve bought the plans for Phase Two as well, so we can start saving for a seated, tree covered area right outside the lunchroom and a raised circular platform with whirligigs on the north end of the playground.

Many people said they would come help build in person too. Depending on the contractor, we’re going to need your physical help, and we think it will be in August.

Keep your emails tuned to We’ll post updates on this playground blog.


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