4 Ways to Help

4318745-playground-goalWe’re getting closer! We need $13,000 more in order to go out to bid. We would love to see construction start this summer, and with your support we can do it. We’ve got 1 month to get there!

4 Ways to Participate:

1) Choose an engraved stone or tile with your donation. Use the form to start this process.

2) Vote for a Group Funded Play Quote by giving what you can and earmarking it for a quote. No amount is too small. See the front office bulletin board for the instructions. Envelopes and play quotes to vote on are in the front office.

3) Eat at the Marination ma-kai on February 25th, 4-8pm. Delicious food with good friends for a great cause!

4) Pick a business to ask. Let’s face it, our school community has given a LOT, and continues to do so in many ways. This fundraiser is perfect for businesses that want to prove their support for local kids. Pick up an order form from the office, or maybe you have one laying around? Ask them if they’d like to support West Seattle’s kids by supporting an inclusive playground. They get engraving too!

Each donation goes directly to our PTSA where it will be marked for the playground, and your donor recognition details will be stored securely. Every dollar counts – thank you!


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