Individual Donor Fundraising Underway!

With our playground just over 70% funded through community grants, we need your help to raise the rest – $50,000! We would love to see construction start this summer 2015, and with your support we can do it. We’ve got 4 months and change to get there.

We’re excited about our creative fundraising touch – adding¬†engraved boulders and tiles to showcase this community support. Can you imagine adding your kids’ names to the playground in such a beautiful way? Or even, your favorite quote or motto?

Here’s a look at the beautiful glass tiles that will adorn our playground with YOUR name/quote/motto on them:

Left to right tiles: $250, $100, $50.

Left to right tiles: $250, $100, $50.

Of course, we’re accepting all donations, even if you don’t want your name on a tile. Here’s how you can give directly, fill out the form below:

Each donation goes directly to our PTSA where it will be marked for the playground, and your donor recognition details will be stored securely. From $50 to $5,000, every dollar counts – thank you!


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