Come see and eat ice cream to celebrate!

You’re Invited:

Pathfinder K8 playground final poster new date

Created by Bill Reiswig, parent volunteer.

Our final design meeting is a celebration as we get to see the final playground design and discuss next steps to breaking ground. Plus, there will be ice cream (vegan and regular)!


The Playground Committee finished the City of Seattle Large Grant review process with an in person interview and pitch to the city review board and fellow applicants on Tuesday, June 10th. Thanks to Laura Murray and Shannon Ninburg for creating this comprehensive display and the many others who contributed photos and documents:

Next Steps:

The timeline for the playground build is to break ground in Summer 2015.

To get there, we need to raise roughly $100,000 in addition to what we’ve already sought through grants. We use the term roughly, because of the process of construction. While our playground design is finished, it’s like a set of house plans – we know where the windows and doorways will be, but we get to decide on the materials to build it.

For example, we may want a spin toy feature, but depending on which one we choose, the cost varies just like when buying windows for a house. There are numerous decisions to be made before our playground is complete, and money is going to be a key deciding factor in how we get to build it. The design plans will come with a break down for phases, so that way we can work with what we have funding to build. We need you to help us move forward, make these kinds of decisions and help raise funds!

Come celebrate our progress at the meeting: Monday, June 16th, 5:30-7pm.


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