Don’t Miss This Meeting!

On May 20th, Johnson Sutherland will present their concepts based on our feedback at the first meeting. Our input will shape the final design before it goes to the School District for final review. Everyone is welcome to attend, and snacks will be served.

photoWhen: May 20th, 5:30-7pm

Where: Pathfinder K8, Cafeteria

SAVE THE DATE: Design Reveal + Ice Cream Social!

DATE CHANGED: June 16th, 5:30-7pm

Meeting note: I have heard from many that cannot attend who want to provide input. We will be sharing the concept plans and a survey the day after the meeting, stay tuned!


2 thoughts on “Don’t Miss This Meeting!

  1. i think that the lafayette play ground has some good ideas. For example they have a zipline type thing and they have an awesome spinner that i could spend hours on. Also, river view park has some good ideas too, they have both a bouncy type thing and a really cool spinner. i also think that some of the students at pathfinder should be surveyed, after all, this is going to be for us…

    • Aisling – thank you for the ideas and comments. I’ve seen you giving suggestions at the meetings–thank you! I wish that more kids and families came to the meetings, as they are where the input happens. At the first meeting, in April, lots of kids and parents gave their ideas. Many parents said, “My kid said I need to request *this* for the playground.” So in that first meeting, many students were represented. I hope you can bring your friends to the third meeting. Soon we will be posting the designs that you saw in the 2nd meeting. People will get a chance to vote on them. Let your friends know! Thanks for being involved, Toni

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