Sneak Peek

Here’s a sneak peek of the playground. The fences will come down once the district has checked it over to make sure it was installed correctly, and the playground looks safe enough for the kids. Then the classrooms must bring their kids out and give them a run-down on the rules. THEN SPS will remove the safety fencing.

We’re planning on having the opening ceremony on Thursday September 24th, right after school.

Nathan parker works on the grouting for the bench below.



Slide bars, two sets of overhead bars, rope climbers, wobbly disks, and two spinners can be seen.

IMG_20150907_125153  IMG_20150903_114139 A teeter totter for 7 or more kids to be on together! (check with the playground supervisors for actual numbers…)

Playground Install a Success!

Over 100 Capital One volunteers, and more than 20 Pathfinder volunteers 5 or more neighbors, and one alumnus showed up on a very rainy day to get messy and build a playground. And boy did they!


Digging out the pad for the new bike racks.

11988227_10208013647963051_6483307206998631290_nMany, many different pieces of equipment were sorted, unwrapped, put in the right place and assembled.


Ann Marie helps secure a platform.


Chris Wells digs a post hole



Bill Reswig fills in a posthole.


Jackie uses her contractor skills to rebuild the benches.

The picnic tables were completely remade!

The mural was enlarged, thanks to the design of our middle school art teacher, Pamela Bigatel, and the painting by volunteers.11986595_10208013643242933_8394219443313003363_n

Lots of mulch was spread. Lots and lots of mulch.

Lunchroom tables were scrubbed.

Emergency water jugs were placed in each classroom. Thank you to Capital One for donating the water.


It was a lot of work, but so many hands made it a day of successes. We all went home wet, and happy with all we’d accomplished.


Jennifer and Jami help garden.

Progress Overview

Thank You Community for helping us design the playground, get grants, find business
donors, and for emptying your pockets to make this happen! The City of Seattle Playground PlanDepartment of Neighborhoods, King County, and businesses in our neighborhoods were the big donors. This would not be possible if every donation of time and money hadn’t have been there. Thank you!  We raised $250k for Phase One.

Here’s what we will see change in Phase One:

– Grass to play on! The north and south fences will be moved to include grass in the play area and increase child safety.

– Two additional play-spaces with rubber surfacing will make playing more accessible to sensory-sensitive kids, and will be fun for all.

– One large play area with full-body play equipment–including spinners!

– One small play area with a teeter totter that can hold eight kids all playing at once, for some good negotiation and group play.

The raised mound, the Esker

– A long, gentle, s-shaped climbable mound (the esker) about 2.5ft tall and covered in flat stones, winding between the two new play areas.

– One built-in bench, tiled with beautiful blues and greens, engraved with your messages.

– A scattered pile of seat-sized boulders in rough amphitheater shape.

– Two trees on the playground, and four trees right beside the fence.

– A better situated bike area near the front of the school.

We’ve bought the plans for Phase Two as well, so we can start saving and planning for a seated, tree covered area right outside the lunchroom, and a raised circular platform with whirligigs on the north end of the playground.

September 1st the playground equipment install will happen. Boxes of goodies will be sitting there, ready for us to dig, build, and paint. Time to get physical.

2014 Playground PaintingCapital One’s people and financial help gave us the boost we needed last year when we painted the playground. The addition of the colors, the clan animals, and a beautiful, much used braided river were warmly received by the children. This year Capital One is again coming out to help. This time with painting, landscaping, and building. We need our community to join in to help build the playground. It is on a weekday, and kids can’t come, so this is not easy to do for many parents. If you can make it happen, please do. We need you!  I hope that you can join us. This will surely be a day to remember!

The surfacing will be poured around the built equipment. That will happen in late September to mid-October. After that happens, the playground will be ready to enjoy!

Mid October we will also be looking for helpers to plant some trees on and near the playground.

If you have questions or suggestions, contact the Playground team at:

Thank you!

The Playground Revamp Team

Playground INSTALL Date Set, Workers Needed

September 1st Playground INSTALL Building Party is on! We need a good number of volunteers to make this happen. 
When: Tuesday, 8:00am-3:30pm on 9/1. The professional playground installers will be there to guide us, so we’ll be working on their clock.
Duties could include: installing the playground equipment, landscaping, refreshing the blacktop paint, adding to the mural, installing new bike racks.  Lunch and tools will be provided, bring your own water bottle, and maybe a good pair of work gloves.
Please RSVP to:

Community Build Date – SEPT 1

SAVE THE DATE. September 1st is the Community Build Date. We’ll be installing the playground equipment with the generous help of Capital One. We’ll also be doing a little painting, and sprucing up the grounds. We need 10-15 volunteers from the community. Sorry, no kids.

The below picture is not how the equipment will look — you’ll get to see it if you come help!cropped-pathfinder-final-plan-labeled2.jpg

More info to be announced.